Circus tent is a way to make children’s happy and elders feel unbelievable. Whenever a circus tent is placed, it always attracts children’s more than adults. Sometime adults are also excited if there is some magic stuff done or any trained animal do an unbelievable stuff. People only look for happiness for which circus tents Australia are placed in duff areas. These events also make a good earnings for the circus management for which they like to make people happy. Not all children’s like circus, some of them are afraid of these tents as they are afraid of the clown in the tent. 

Clowns play q very different part in circus and they are the one by whom energy in circus is always high and everyone is confident while doing their tricks. Clowns sometime are very cute and adorable but sometime they are very scary, by which children are afraid of the and they need them to be distanced. Parents always look for happiness of their children’s and can do whatever their children’s wants. Circus tent is made very attractive so that children are attracted and they spend their parents cash on it so that they can enjoy and this is a source for income for the circus owner and the reason for placing a circus tent. Sometimes circus is not only performed by humans, it is performed by animals mostly which is wrong.

These circus animal trainers are very strict to the animals and they just want them to do something for them and always use them for their own betterment. They do not provide the animals with proper food or water, either with any sleeping area. These animals always feel congested and harmed while training and most of them just die making people happy and their owner who just catches them from jungle.  As a circus tent makes children happy and attract them, it makes animal feel fear and make a negative picture of humans in their mind.

Touring burlesque show are really good to spend money on, but only if they perform by themselves and not harming any animal. Animals also have life, they also have heart and family. If any circus is using animals for their happiness, no one should ever attend that circus. In old days, circus was a name of a tent where people are painting their faces and are making children’s happy, and they do some tricks with the doll and tells a story behind it, but now a day’s people call it as a killing spot for animals because now animals are used to earn money and they are harmed to do what circus asks them.